Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I haven't forgotten about this place, it's just not on my regular e-route.
ANYWAY. I got like, pictures to show. Don't mind the LiveJournal links... LJ is hosting my work right now. Photobucket, suck my dick.

Since summer began, I've been looking to improve my work. I want to get better at pretty much EVERYTHING. Mostly poses and anatomical thingies. I also don't want EVERYTHING I do to be a one-character 3/4 glamshot.

Now enjoy these various one-character 3/4 glamshots.

Toki Wartooth, from the cartoon Metalocalypse.
That show has been keeping me SANE this summer. 8U

Nathan Explosion. More Metalocalypse art.
This came out more RED than I wanted it to, but no matter because red underlighting is brutal and totally metal.

Finally, my friend's character Rameses. This was for an art trade we did.
I want to fix is armpit area, as there's anatomical mistakes in there, though it may be hard to do because I don't have the .PSD file or .SAI file anymore. :1

I've drawn more since Summer started but that's all I care to share at the moment.
I miss my school chums. :'C