Friday, September 11, 2009

A few sketches from this week. School has begun, so I'm doing what I can with my spare time. Because really, I wanna be RAD STUDENT and try and give this year all I can.

After a not very artsy Summer in which I really wanted to improve my stuff, I want to push myself extra hard this year. ARTBLASTING GO.

Being more cartoony is something I'd like to push, as well as anatomy and poses. Especially poses.
I think once my art is where I'd like it, I'll save whatever money I get and buy myself a nicer tablet. I'm still pushing along with my dinky Bamboo Fun. AKA, Baby's First Tablet.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some Stuff.

This thing is rad to keep up with school people, and I neglect the living hell out of it.

School starts Tuesday, second year of Animation WOO. I'm nervous. Haha.
ANYWAY no one comes here to read my bullshit. No one comes here anyway. |D
HEY LOOK have some art regardless.

In this weeks episode of ANNA RUINS EVERYTHING FOREVER I bring to you this pinup of Eddie Blake, the Comedian.
Yeeessssssss omg I love the Watchmen.

Or, if awesome, near-naked burly hairy men aren't your thing, I also made a puppy.